Special Edition Wonder Woman 84 Funko Pop Figure displayed next to a Birds of Prey steelbook Blu Ray.

DC FanDome Overview; Harley Quinn for President

Last weekend DC’s first virtual convention took place, aptly titled ‘DC FanDome’. Various panels discussing upcoming or ongoing DC films, TV and video game releases were held online via live streams. As a huge DC fan, I made sure to catch most of the highlights from the event.

DC FanDome: Film Trailers

Wonder Woman 84

At this point, my anticipation for this film is so overwhelming I might not make it to release date. Originally scheduled for June, the new date for Wonder Woman 84 to grace our screens is predicted as October 2nd. DC FanDome gave us a new trailer, including our first glimpse of Kristen Wiig as Cheetah. The character design for Cheetah looks amazing, I just hope the CGI is polished for actual release. Wonder Woman is in my top three DCEU entries, and with director Patty Jenkins returning I’m confident this sequel won’t disappoint. Check out the trailer below!

The Suicide Squad

Hot on the heels of Margot Robbie’s last adventure in Birds of Prey (click here to read my full review!) Harley returns in 2021’s ‘The Suicide Squad’. No, not that Suicide Squad – this one has a ‘The’ in the title. The next film in this series has a whole host of new villains and a seriously long cast list. DC FanDome’s panel gave us a first look at new and returning characters, as well as some behind-the-scenes footage! As a huge Harley Quinn fan I can’t wait to see where Robbie takes the role next. I’m also excited to see some of my favourite actors bring some lesser-known DC villains to the silver screen. Check out DC’s ‘Role Call’ teaser below for the main cast.

The Batman

Everyone’s favourite caped crusader is returning to the silver screen in 2021, but this time the cowl is being worn by Robert Pattinson. I was super excited when DC announced Pattinson for the role; having proven himself to be a seriously talented actor, he isn’t afraid of bringing something new to his roles. DC FanDome saw the release of the very first trailer for this film, and it did not disappoint!

We saw first glimpses of Catwoman, Penguin, and the main villain looks to be an eery take on The Riddler! During the virtual panel, director Matt Reeves confirmed that the film takes place during Batman’s second year protecting Gotham, which might explain why he seems to be getting a bit rougher than usual with the villainy of the city. The trailer itself is full of tiny little Easter eggs that a bigger Bat-fan that I will have spotted – share your favourite moment from the trailer in the comments below!

DC FanDome: TV Trailers & Panels

Harley Quinn

It really was a great weekend for us Harley fans! Sadly we didn’t get much information about season 3 of DC’s animated series Harley Quinn, but they did treat us to a quick Q&A with the star of the show!

The Flash

Admittedly, I haven’t watched an episode of The Flash for quite a while, but I did check out the season 7 trailer out of curiosity. After season six of the show was cut short, the scarlet speedster’s return is heavily anticipated by fans of the show.

DC FanDome: Game Trailers

Gotham Knights

I won’t lie, as intrigued as I am about this game, I’m not quite sold from the gameplay teaser released this weekend. Granted, the footage shown is probably a stretch from the final product, so I’m definitely holding out hope that this will be an amazing game. I’m also looking forward to a Gotham-based game with Mr Freeze as the main villain; a character who had some amazing development in the Arkham games but not nearly enough story. Mainly though, I’m looking forward to a DC Universe game where I can play as Batgirl properly. The ‘A Matter of Family’ DLC from Arkham Knight was seriously fun after all!

Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League)

Another win for Suicide Squad fans; not long after the film’s teaser material was a new trailer for Rocksteady’s 2022 video game Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League.

Now, I’m a little conflicted about this game. Rocksteady were recently in the media after a letter from 2018 surfaced that alleged multiple women from the company were victims of sexual or verbal harassment at work, and were also subjected to misogyny by other game creators on a regular basis. This behaviour is obviously disgusting, and Rocksteady’s initial reaction to these allegations was far from appropriate – essentially implying that they had combatted misogyny in the workplace by making women take “self confidence workshops”.

Whilst a few members of Rocksteady’s female staff have come forward to say their working conditions have improved, I’ll wait for further updates on exactly how Rocksteady are ensuring the safety of their female workforce before continuing to support the company. Since the game isn’t set for release until 2022, I have every hope that they will take this issue seriously and I’ll feel confident that I can buy this game!

The trailer itself was great. I love each character design and how they remain faithful to previous adaptations of the villains, but still hit ‘refresh’ to bring them to life. The banter between teammates was on full display too, and I have no doubt this game will be a barrel of fun.

What upcoming DC films, TV shows or video game projects are you most looking forward to? Leave me a comment below and let me know! Wanna read some of my other film posts? Click here!

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