Underrated TV Shows to Stream This Summer

In the age of streaming, it’s easy for great TV shows to slip under most people’s radars. Some may be critically acclaimed or have a dedicated fan base, but the average binge-watcher still doesn’t know they exist! Here’s a list of underrated TV shows we think you should watch this summer.

Orphan Black

Even though it gained a decent following by the time of its final season, Orphan Black is still criminally underrated and deserves way more recognition. If you’ve never seen the future star of Marvel’s She-Hulk Tatiana Masalany in action, then this is the perfect time to introduce yourself.

When Sarah Manning witnesses a woman identical to her commit suicide, she assumes her identity, and her life is quickly turned upside down as she uncovers a shocking conspiracy.


This adaptation of DC’s comic series never really took off in the way I expected despite having a great lead cast and a fun premise.

This horror drama series focuses on Liv, a medical student who wakes up in a body bag after being turned into a zombie. She opts for a job at the morgue to satiate her growing hunger for brains, and soon learns that she absorbs the deceased’s memories when she eats. Not wanting to waste the opportunity, she uses these new memories to help solve the murders of the victims whose brains she’s made into meals.

Les Revenants

Les Revenants, aka The Returned is a French supernatural drama that first aired in 2012. Although it was cancelled after two seasons, it’s compelling plot and excellent performances make it a great watch.

When a small village’s deceased loved ones mysteriously return from the dead, lives are changed when forgotten secrets start to re-emerge.

Channel Zero

This is one I’ve only recently started watching, but I’m already hooked. Even though American Horror Story holds the crown for the most popular modern horror anthology series, Channel Zero certainly wins the award for most underrated in the genre, and in my opinion, it’s far superior. The storylines for each season of the show are based on popular creepypastas, which pretty much guarantees plenty of scares.

What are your favourite underrated shows? Be sure to leave us a comment and let us know! Wanna read some of our other TV posts? Click here!

2 thoughts on “Underrated TV Shows to Stream This Summer”

  1. Another great list. What to say about Channel Zero, it’s weird beyond weird but so good. I remember watching that on SyFy when it was still coming on. You’ve got to see the whole anthology series, it’s great. I haven’t seen iZombie and Orphan Black. That goes on my top 10 favorite series of all time. I also watched that when came on the BBC. LOVE IT!

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