Fear Street Part 3: 1666: Film Review

We finally got around to watching the third part of Netflix’s Fear Street trilogy this week, bringing a satisfying close to the story of Shadyside and Sunnyvale and the curse of Sarah Fier.

The film opens with a flashback to 1666, where protagonist Deena (Kiana Madeira) has been transported into the body of the infamous Sarah Fier – the witch who has cursed the town of Shadyside for centuries. When the local teens gather by moonlight for a party, lovebirds Sarah and Hannah (Olivia Scott Welch) are caught kissing and subsequently cast out by the town and accused of witchcraft. As our story progresses and Sarah is hunted by the townsfolk, the real story of the Shadyside curse unfolds.

Armed with new information and the identity of the true evil in town, Deena returns to 1994 to hatch a plan. Split into two parts, the third film offers a new approach to telling this story, having actors from the previous films play almost parallel characters to their previous roles, but set in an entirely different time and place.

The trilogy overall feels fresh; pulling out two strong sequels is something rarely seen in cinema, especially in horror, but Fear Street remains solid throughout. A strong lead cast certainly help keep our interest piqued. Kiana Madeira gives us an emotional performance as the rebellious Sarah Fier, before switching back to the determined and brave Deena; two characters with very similar traits, but still entirely indistinguishable thanks to Madeira’s performance.

Director and writer of the trilogy Leigh Janiak draws on classic horror elements but perfectly to help revitalise the somewhat stagnant genre of slasher films. Could episodic or even anthology based horror be the future of the genre? We sure hope so!

Overall, the finale to the series earned itself a 4/5 from us, the same score we gave to the previous two films. In truth, we’ve struggled to find fault with all three films, and we’re kinda sad we won’t be getting anymore!

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