The Power of ‘The Lord of The Rings’, 20 Years Later…

I believed that there was no way that the classic trilogy ‘The Lord of The Rings’ couldn’t get any better. I grew up watching the films with my dad, and know them almost word for word. There is nothing more comforting than sticking on the extended edition with a warm cup of tea after a stressful day. I found recently, however, that they can get better.

The Prince Charles Cinema in London is one of the only independent cinemas operating on the West End, and is a charming place that runs classic films from ‘Back To The Future’ to ‘Blade Runner’ all the way to Studio Ghibli classics. It is favoured by director Quentin Tarantino (here he is declaring the day The Prince Charles shows Kill Bill is the day it truly comes home to England), as well as Edgar Wright. Hardly any cinemas dare to play double or triple features these days, especially films as long as ‘The Lord of The Rings’, and that’s what made the experience so special; because it was so rare.

I never thought I would get to experience watching ‘The Lord of The Rings’ in cinema. When the first film came out in 2001 I was only a few months old, so I missed the initial ‘hype’, you could say, of the films release. But experiencing it in 2021 with rows and rows of like-minded, fellow Middle-Earth fans was something that made me feel euphoric. Laughs and tears were shed all around throughout the three films, and the sense of companionship – or perhaps fellowship is a more fitting word – was incredible and heart-warming. The only downside was the man sat behind us who was reciting every piece of lore and trivia to his friend who had never seen the films before (and yes, Viggo Mortensen breaking his toe in ‘The Two Towers’ was included).

The viewing experience itself was elevated thanks to the large screen and Dolby Atmos surround sound which completely immersed us, especially during the battles. Never have I felt like I was actually fighting in the Battle of Helm’s Deep or climbing up the perilous terrain of Mt. Doom. It’s hard to put into words what this did for me as a huge Lord of The Rings fan, and I can’t recommend the experience enough. Even if it is your first time watching the films, seeing it in such a powerful and immersive way is an experience a lifetime.

Check out The Prince Charles’ website here and book your own experience here!

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