May The 4th Be With You. Always.

emma stood in front of an x wing in disneyland

Happy May the 4th fellow Star Wars fans! Whether you’re an old fan, a new fan, or a casual observer of events from a galaxy far, far away, today is Star Wars Day! The total watch-time for Episodes I-IX - now named the Skywalker Saga - is 17 hours and 57 minutes. Obviously, this is… Continue reading May The 4th Be With You. Always.

Birds Of Prey (And The Fantabulous Emancipation Of One Harley Quinn) Review

A cinema ticket reading 'Birds of prey, 2D' in front of a poster for the movie.

*WARNING: This post contains spoilers* I saw Birds of Prey opening weekend, and went back for a second viewing this week to refresh some of my opinions. I’ve got to say, I was just as thrilled and impressed the second time around! Keep reading for my full Birds of Prey review. The Good I think… Continue reading Birds Of Prey (And The Fantabulous Emancipation Of One Harley Quinn) Review

Most Anticipated Films of 2020

A cinema letterboard in Disneyland Paris

After the Superbowl on Sunday - which, if you're English, probably doesn't mean much - I find myself thinking more about films than sports. I love American sporting events for one reason: exclusive trailers. Probably the opposite effect that the NFL desire, but at least I'm honest. Having seen some of the latest trailers released on Sunday, it got me thinking about how many great films are coming to the big screen this year. So, as you can guess from the title, here are a few of my most anticipated films being released in 2020.