5 Horror Movies On Our Watchlist

Here at Screen Fluent it’s no secret that we love a good horror flick; be it a fearsome slasher or a paranormal scare-fest. Here’s a quick list of 5 horror movies - some upcoming, some released - that we can’t wait to sink our teeth into. Fear Street https://youtu.be/oyMOBcDMS6c If there’s one thing Netflix always… Continue reading 5 Horror Movies On Our Watchlist

May the Fourth 2021; The Best Star Wars Media to Consume on Star Wars Day

Disclaimer: this post contains affiliate links. Happy Star Wars Day! This time last year I published a post outlining some of my favourite moments from the Star Wars saga to celebrate May the Fourth. This year, I thought I’d do something similar; a roundup of my all-time favourite Star Wars media. That includes movies, video… Continue reading May the Fourth 2021; The Best Star Wars Media to Consume on Star Wars Day

May The 4th Be With You. Always.

emma stood in front of an x wing in disneyland

Happy May the 4th fellow Star Wars fans! Whether you’re an old fan, a new fan, or a casual observer of events from a galaxy far, far away, today is Star Wars Day! The total watch-time for Episodes I-IX - now named the Skywalker Saga - is 17 hours and 57 minutes. Obviously, this is… Continue reading May The 4th Be With You. Always.